Medisafe – Free Rx Compliance App

I tried two pill reminder apps and this one is by far the most promising but it needs work.  I like the graphic interface.  The problem came in entering my meds.  You can enter meds by scanning the barcode.  This would be a great feature if it worked.  I scanned my vitamins and supplements but it did not recognize them.  Error message read – Medication for the given barcode was not found.  I don’t take any prescribed meds – all that clean living pays off!!  I scanned my daughter’s Rx and it would not register either. I even scanned the barcode on the pharmacy paperwork and no luck.  Hopefully they will fix that in next version because being able to scan in meds makes it so much easier.

You can manually enter your meds and I did so.  They showed up as pills in my “pill box” and I schedule the times I am suppose to take them.  The app sends me a text message when the time comes asking if I have taken the meds and keeps reminding you via text until you take them.

Available for iPhone here.