In September of 2011, I lost my precious wife, Karen — whom I affectionately called “Mush” — to complications arising out of bipolar disorder. Her ongoing struggle with the disorder, from her infectious exuberance to her impenetrable isolation, left me constantly searching and wishing for ways to help her live a full, healthy life. I searched for information and guidance, and found a dearth of support for those with bipolar disorder and the people who love them.

Following Mush’s passing, I vowed to do all I could to fill that void – to create a program that offered hope and help to anyone living with the challenges of BPD. Established in Karen’s honor, the Mush Foundation strives to be a place where people who live with BPD discover that they can live healthy and positive lives – where their husbands and wives are not widowed, and their children are not left without a beloved parent. It is a place where friends never lose their companions and pets are never without their masters.

My vision is to help those who want to be helped — as well as those who are too dark to see life for the beautiful, exhilarating journey that it is, hardships and all. In addition, the Mush Foundation is focused on creating awareness of the challenges of BPD, eradicating the stigma associated with it, and building a community dedicated to education, information and support.

I lost my incredible wife, friend, business partner, mentor, teacher, soul mate and spiritual guide. In her honor, and with her guidance, the Mush Foundation will make positive changes in the lives of those affected by BPD.

– Richard Goddard