The Mush Foundation, an all-volunteer organization established in 2012, will increase awareness of bipolar disorder, work to reduce the stigma of the disorder, and give those affected by it hope that they can live a productive life.

The Mush Foundation will have two key initiatives:

Using Technology To Motivate Those Suffering:
We are in the first stages of exploring creative technological solutions to motivate sufferers in Community/ Support Events to monitor their activity levels, moods, and medication compliance, giving them a sense of control over their lives.

Establishing Community:
We are desirous of creating community support through friend-to-friend messaging and virtual support groups.

The Foundation’s initial online activities will include:

  • Education: Links to educational information and resources
  • Community/Support Events: Information on events that bring suffers and their friends and families together to enjoy the outdoors, have a meal, or listen to music
  • Fundraising: Through traditional means and through the sale of promotional items that embody and symbolize Karen’s unique sense of style